Feedingman Food Innovation
There's no ego in creativity!

Feedingman Food Innovation

Create, design, advise. From A to Z in the world of cuisines.

The Company

Feedingman Food Innovation has the focus on food innovation. We create food, we inspire you with flavors.

The Founder

Loek Voermans began his cooking career in Auckland, New Zealand. After working in several restaurants he entered Kitchen Republic as co-owner and head chef of Lukowitz creating delicious ’tartines’ for the premium business lunch market. Loek is always busy creating beautiful flavor palettes and looks for most of his inspiration at the various Asian cuisines and is always looking for innovation. Although Lukowitz business is currently on hold, he now works with and for companies like Vegan Masters, Royal Smilde, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Kesbeke, AAB Inflight and Roots, Rice & Beans.